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Returning to My Roots for My Family

It was my 19th birthday, and freshman move-in day at Buena Vista University. It was a day I’d waited for as long as I could remember. I had big plans, high goals, and huge aspirations, none of which, I thought, could be achieved in the small northeast Nebraska town I called home.

Vibrant Small Towns and Rural Communities Embrace Art and Self-Expression

Pablo Picasso said the purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls. And if you look in small towns and rural places, not just here in America, but across the globe, you will find art and cultural expression in what some might call the most unlikely of places.

“Artists have contributed to shaping and influencing experiences in public spaces as long as there have been civilizations,” says visiting artist Matthew Mazotta. “They have created work that ranges from revealing the beauty of the world to reflecting back society’s shortcomings.”

Giving Thanks

We say all the time that small towns and rural areas are special places. We say it so often that it can lose its meaning. What are we really saying when we repeat that line? What is it that makes small towns and rural places special?

You know, small towns and rural communities are merely a collection of buildings and open spaces. What makes them special are the people who live there.

In the last year, my family and I have lived in two different small towns. Each one was different in its own way. Yet the similarities in the way people acted have been remarkable.


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