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Rural Nerds: A Classic #tbt from our Top 10 Countdown

Jon Bailey is something of a legend at the Center for Rural Affairs when it comes to research. He may have written his best words in this report.

It put the spotlight directly on poverty in a neglected part of the country - right here in the nation's bread basket. Here's number three in our #tbt countdown from the Top 10 Rural Research Reports.

Learning to Be Rural

I grew up in a place we affectionately called, “big town, little city.” It was big enough to have rival cross-town high schools and a university, but small enough that I knew all my neighbors and always felt safe.

But it wasn’t a rural place.

Growing up in Wisconsin, rural living never felt far away however. Radio stations played country music, the 4-H club was open to kids that lived in the city, and my mother and her friends practiced a style of parenting that predates “free range.”


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