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Agriculture & Small Towns Need Beginning Farmers

When you think back 20-30 years, what’s changed about your town? How many young families do you have now compared to then? How many of them farm or ranch? I’m asking to get you to think about how you and your town might begin to change things.

We don’t lack for a desire to farm. The beginning farmer web pages on the Center for Rural Affairs’ website receive over 12,000 visits a month.

Land Link Sneak Peek

Grow Veggies in Maryland: Imagine yourself tending a bumper crop of organic vegetables. You’re located “in a beautiful setting” on 15 prime acres of Maryland farmland. You’d have the security of a long-term lease, and a landowner who is open to various rental agreements.

But where would you live? No problem! The landowner would provide a trailer or apartment on the farm. Right now the land is in hay, and there’s a barn. Contact me to learn about this great opportunity!

Land Link Sneak Peek

Southeastern South Dakota Acreage for Sale: Picture 10 acres with two houses (one could be used for rental income) near Hayti, South Dakota. The main house features two stories, 1,536 square feet, three bedrooms, 1.5 baths. Did we mention the sunroom with Jacuzzi?


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