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Land Link Sneak Peek: Small Acreage in Washington Seeks Growers

We have a great opportunity for you in western Washington! The owner of a small, certified organic, established mixed vegetable/herb farm seeks a new grower(s) to continue the direct sales operation.

The 4.7 acre farm includes two houses (where the grower(s) could live), three greenhouses, a barn, and miscellaneous sheds. The owner would lease to the right beginners for several years.

More than a Farm Wife

Farm Wife. That’s what we call women who drive tractors, haul grain, gather cattle, run to town for parts, and cook supper, all with kiddos in tow. Often “farm wives” downplay their contributions to their farming operations, dismissing their involvement in the day-to-day operations including marketing and accounting.

A new Center for Rural Affairs project with the Women Food and Agriculture Network in Iowa aims to empower women as knowledgeable, business-savvy, focused owners and operators of farms and ranches.  More than farm wives.

Land Link Sneak Peek

Working Small Dairy in Southeast Nebraska Seeks Successor: A Grade A dairy farm with 364 acres, a parlor and milk house, and various other outbuildings seeks a successor for the operation. The owners prefer to start with a full-time paid position to ensure a good fit for both parties. They would then sell the dairy to the employee. No on-farm housing is available at this time.


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