Beginning Farmer & Rancher News

Training our Future Women Gardeners, Farmers, and Ranchers

Attention women who are getting started in gardening, farming, and ranching. We have some great learning opportunities for you here in Nebraska!

If you are dreaming of owning a farm or ranch, we have just the session for you. Our Farm Dreams Workshop is designed to help people seeking practical, common-sense information on whether farming or ranching is the right next step.

We Are Rural: Advocacy

After a two-year debate, a new farm bill cleared the House and Senate as our annual report headed to the printer. It was a heck of a fight. We won some and lost some. Many of you weighed in throughout to speak up for investments in beginners, small businesses, and natural resources.

Conservation Prospects May Rise with Women Landowners

Women have owned about half of farmland in the Midwest for years as partners with spouses. The percentage of women who own farmland is on the rise. In Iowa, for example, about half of landowners are women.

Women landowners care about conservation. According to research by Michael Duffy, an Iowa State University economist, most women own farmland for income purposes. But about 30 percent do so for family or “sentimental reasons.”


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