Rural Health News

Small Business and Health Care Reform

Small businesses dominate the rural economy. In fact, they dominate the American economy in terms of the number of business firms. So it’s important to know, understand, and accurately portray the effects of the newly adopted health care reform law, on small businesses.

The Gap Game

As a recent college graduate, the news of health reform passing was an exciting time. Under the new law I can be covered by my parents insurance until I am 26 or have insurance of my own.

Immediate Impacts of Health Reform

Health reform was signed into law on March 23. With its passage comes a flood of questions about how it will affect rural Americans. This is the first in a new series of articles dedicated to helping you understand what the new law means for your family, business and community.

Don't Unravel Health Care Reform

I've talked about the need for reforming America's health care system for nearly two decades. Many people have agreed with me over the years, and many have disagreed. I respect and value differences of opinion. It is precisely those differences, and the debate, that gives me hope that health care reform will help move America forward, rural America in particular.


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