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Health Reform Good for Nebraska

Some critics of health care reform do not understand the value of making health insurance affordable, nor the cost of getting the job done.

Medicaid changes will be a major plus for Nebraska

Recent attacks on health care reform demonstrate that some of its most vocal critics understand neither its costs nor the value of making health insurance more affordable to Nebraskans.

The dispute over Medicaid illustrates the case.

Health reform will help more low-income working Nebraskans qualify for coverage through Medicaid. Medicaid has worked well since 1965, ensuring basic care for low-income people and sharing the cost between the state and federal governments.

The Other Side of Reform

I'm fortunate to live in a small, rural community with adequate access to health care providers. But research demonstrates that if the health care reform bill had not passed, one in three rural Americans living in communities with fewer than 2,500 people would have been uninsured by 2019.

Rural Provisions of Health Care Reform

A critical component of the new federal health care reform law is expanded health insurance coverage – which should lead to improved health outcomes through better access to affordable and timely medical care.

Health Care Reform and Sole Proprietors

Many Center for Rural Affairs supporters are farmers, ranchers, or small business owners who operate their enterprise as a sole proprietorship, rather than an incorporated business. The new health care law impacts sole proprietors and their families differently than it impacts incorporated businesses.


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