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Making Health Insurance Work

Why is buying health insurance so difficult? It shouldn’t be, but right now it is nearly impossible for the average Montanan to tell which health insurance policy is best for their family or business.

Health Insurance Rates & Affordable Care Act

Since the Affordable Care Act passed, thousands of Americans have benefited. More children can stay on the family’s health insurance; Medicare recipients pay less for prescriptions; and small businesses are receiving tax credits for providing insurance to employees. Despite this, many of us have seen our health insurance rates go up.

Tax Tips for 2010

The 2010 tax year is over but most of us have not started our 2010 returns. For small business owners as well as farmers, ranchers and other sole-proprietors, the Affordable Care Act and the Small Business Jobs Act, signed into law in 2010, contain significant tax incentives to help offset health care costs.


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