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The Other Side of Reform

I'm fortunate to live in a small, rural community with adequate access to health care providers. But research demonstrates that if the health care reform bill had not passed, one in three rural Americans living in communities with fewer than 2,500 people would have been uninsured by 2019.

Rural Provisions of Health Care Reform

A critical component of the new federal health care reform law is expanded health insurance coverage – which should lead to improved health outcomes through better access to affordable and timely medical care.

Health Care Reform and Sole Proprietors

Many Center for Rural Affairs supporters are farmers, ranchers, or small business owners who operate their enterprise as a sole proprietorship, rather than an incorporated business. The new health care law impacts sole proprietors and their families differently than it impacts incorporated businesses.

Health Reform All Gain and No Pain for Iowa Small Businesses

Growing up on a farm in northwest Iowa, I remember my parents searching for affordable health insurance for our family. Often they could only find plans that covered too little and still cost too much, leaving our family to pay high premiums while still paying most medical bills out of pocket.

For Iowa's small business owners and family farmers, relief from this system of unaffordable and unpredictable health care is on the way.


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