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Are you eligible for a high risk insurance pool?

Several states are accepting applications for a new high risk health insurance pool. These insurance plans cover people who have been without health insurance for at least six months and have been denied coverage due to a pre-existing condition. The high risk pools, authorized by health care reform legislation that passed in March 2010, serve as a bridge to the insurance marketplace that will be established in 2014. At that time, insurers will no longer be able to deny coverage or charge higher rates based on pre-existing conditions.

Medicaid changes will be a major plus for Nebraska

Recent attacks on health care reform demonstrate that some of its most vocal critics understand neither its costs nor the value of making health insurance more affordable to Nebraskans.

The dispute over Medicaid illustrates the case.

Health reform will help more low-income working Nebraskans qualify for coverage through Medicaid. Medicaid has worked well since 1965, ensuring basic care for low-income people and sharing the cost between the state and federal governments.


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