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Growing Your Own Health Care: Exciting Opportunities for Students and Communities

Health care. Two words you’ve probably heard a lot lately. But if you live in a rural place, you know that health care isn’t always easy to access. There’s a long distance between you and the clinic; often a lack of medical professionals close by. How many small towns still have their own pharmacist or dentist anymore?

One initiative in Nebraska -- the Rural Health Opportunities Program (RHOP) -- is approaching this challenge by ‘growing their own’.

Will Health Insurance Exchanges Be Worth the Wait?

Jane Yule is a nurse practitioner working in rural Nebraska. She became interested in health care reform because so many of her patients are uninsured. “I actually thought that when the health care law passed everyone just magically got insurance,” she said. But the reality, she learned, is a little more complicated.

When Preexisting Conditions (That You Didn’t Know You Had) Keep You From Living Your (Rural) Life

Suzanne didn’t know she had preexisting conditions until she was denied health insurance. An Iowa farmer, the thought of being uninsured was hard enough, but Suzanne was pregnant.

Her health record was clear, except for a miscarriage and some minor jaw pain. The issue was resolved and did not surface again until she quit her job as a teacher to farm full-time. When she applied to be included in her husband’s independent insurance policy, she was denied.

Health Care - Now What?

On June 28, 2012, the U.S. Supreme Court upheld the Affordable Care Act. They ruled the individual responsibility to have health insurance – the most controversial part of the law – was a constitutional exercise of Congress’ taxing and spending power. As a result of that finding, a majority of the Supreme Court ruled the law constitutional.


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