Rural Health News

Obstacles Abundant for Health Insurance Coverage in Rural Nebraska and Rural Montana

Two new Center for Rural Affairs reports examine health insurance coverage in rural Nebraska and rural Montana, the two states where we do much of our health care work. Based on recently released county data from the US Census Bureau, we found more rural residents under 65 in both states are without health insurance.

The Health Care Tales of Two Businesses

In November, I had an opportunity to travel to Montana. There, former intern Matt Gunther and I embarked on a “storytelling road trip.” We traveled the requisite long distances in this majority-rural state to talk with and listen to people. Health care was a hot topic that we discussed from living room to living room, over coffee, and in the middle of the pasture. Over and over, people laid out their lives and their hopes for reform.

What Could Medicaid Expansion Mean to Your State?

If given the opportunity to save money and also help their residents be healthier, should state governments take it?

When the Supreme Court ruled on the Affordable Care Act earlier this summer, it decided that states could choose whether to expand their Medicaid program to more uninsured people. You might be curious how this choice could impact your state and community.


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