Rural Health News

A Doctor for Your Town

You know how important your doctor is. No one should live in a county without one. To help, the Affordable Care Act invests in new and expanded efforts to train doctors, nurses, and physician assistants to practice in rural communities like yours.

Who Will Fight for You?

When it comes to health insurance, everyone wants lower rates. But who will fight for lower rates for your family or your business? If you’re lucky, your state can fight for you.

Ask the Candidate: Rural Health Care Questions

Right now you have more access to candidates and elected officials than usual. They are campaigning for your vote in November. This is your chance to ask about issues you care about. On rural health care, these are a few important questions to ask.

Affordable Care Act: What it can do for you

What has the Affordable Care Act done for you? So far, some nifty provisions have helped numerous folk, like extending coverage of dependents until age 26.

In my life, it’s affected my family. Both my brothers were able to stay on my parent’s health care plan. They could afford health care and to work on the home farm, instead of taking jobs in town. I certainly have appreciated seeing my brothers happy, and working at jobs they love, instead of miserable, insured on a plan that covers little and eats up paychecks.


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