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Op-Ed: Legislature leaves much work unfinished

The Nebraska Legislature adjourned their 2013 session without so much as taking a vote on one of the most significant issues before them - a bill to expand health coverage to 54,000 low-income working Nebraskans.

Healthcare and You: Questions about the Affordable Care Act

Do you know all you need to know about the Affordable Care Act, and the changes that will happen soon? Yeah, me either. But that’s why your questions are so helpful! I find the answers, and share them with everyone. Keep them coming.

Are families who can’t afford the employer provided health insurance eligible for subsidy on the health insurance marketplace, or “exchange”?

Rural America and the Affordable Care Act

On October 1, 2013, many Americans will begin purchasing insurance from health insurance marketplaces. As they begin to research and purchase insurance, millions for the first time, the cost in premiums for their choice of coverage will be a major consideration. Affordability will determine the success of the primary goal of the Affordable Care Act - enrollment in health insurance exchanges to increase insurance coverage and reduce the nation’s uninsured.

Rural Nebraska Lacks Dental Services; Nation Lacks Dental Coverage

A recent report from the University of Nebraska Medical Center highlighted the acceleration of a long-time rural health care challenge – the shortage of dental services in rural Nebraska. Access to Oral Health Care in Nebraska found that 44 counties in the state (out of 93 counties) are designated as general dentistry shortage areas. Twenty rural counties are completely without a dentist.

Healthcare and You: A Few of Your Questions Answered

As October approaches, so does the beginning of the marketplaces for health insurance provided for in the Affordable Care Act. These new health coverage marketplaces are where you can purchase affordable insurance, and find out if you qualify for subsidies. Of course, we hear many questions about how all this will work. For example:

I know my income determines whether I receive subsidies for health insurance. Is that my income before or after taxes?


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