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Questions about the Wilds of the Affordable Care Act

With another provision of the Affordable Care Act being implemented - new healthcare marketplaces, or “exchanges” are set to come online October 1st - we’ve been hearing many questions. For example...


Are families who can’t afford the employer provided health insurance eligible for subsidies through the new health insurance marketplace?

Rural Areas Lacking Dentists

Rural America has too few dentists, and some counties have no dental services at all. A recent University of Nebraska Medical Center study that focused on that state reflects a problem found across rural America. Further complicating the shortage of dental care is the fact that many dentists in rural areas are nearing retirement.

The exodus of soon to retire dentists from rural practice will further accelerate the situation. Sadly, too few dentists are being educated to replace them. Even fewer are trained to handle unique, rural dental challenges.

Healthcare and You: Questions about the Affordable Care Act

Do you know all you need to know about the Affordable Care Act, and the changes that will happen soon? Yeah, me either. But that’s why your questions are so helpful! I find the answers, and share them with everyone. Keep them coming.

Are families who can’t afford the employer provided health insurance eligible for subsidy on the health insurance marketplace, or “exchange”?

Rural America and the Affordable Care Act

On October 1, 2013, many Americans will begin purchasing insurance from health insurance marketplaces. As they begin to research and purchase insurance, millions for the first time, the cost in premiums for their choice of coverage will be a major consideration. Affordability will determine the success of the primary goal of the Affordable Care Act - enrollment in health insurance exchanges to increase insurance coverage and reduce the nation’s uninsured.


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