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You expect us to take on tough issues, the ones that shape the destiny of small towns and rural communities. Health care is a perfect example.

With your help, we fought to extend Medicaid so that people who need health insurance can afford it. Our rural organizer, Virginia, joined others on the capitol steps in Lincoln, Nebraska, to relay that message.

Put People Above Politics, Part II

Debate over LB 887, the Wellness in Nebraska Act, promises to be a major issue facing the Nebraska Legislature. LB 887 would expand Medicaid to an estimated 54,000 people through a combination of private health insurance and wellness incentives.

Despite providing needed private health benefits to a population that is in the coverage gap – uninsured, ineligible for insurance marketplace tax credits because their incomes are too low, and without employer-sponsored insurance – some still object to LB 887.

Put People Above Politics

On February 24th, the Legislature’s Committee on Health and Human Services in Lincoln advanced LB 887 to the floor of the Senate. The Wellness In Nebraska bill would extend healthcare coverage to Nebraskans with incomes at or below 133% of the Federal Poverty Level.

The Unicameral should move forcefully to pass LB 887. Last year’s failure to approve similar legislation and implement the expansion of Medicaid allowed for under the Affordable Care Act has created a coverage gap that an estimated 33,000 Nebraskans have fallen into.

Rural America, Medicaid Expansion, and the Coverage Gap

Medicaid Expansion as a Rural Issue, the most recent contribution to our rural health care series of reports, examines the consequences rural states’ decisions on the Affordable Care Act’s expansion of Medicaid.

Medicaid is the joint federal-state program that provides health care coverage for low-income people, people with disabilities, children, and the elderly. Medicaid is at the center of the Affordable Care Act’s primary mission to provide near universal health insurance coverage.


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