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Stories We Tell Ourselves

By Aubrey Streit Krug

Editor's Note: Aubrey is a new intern with us here at the Center for Rural Affairs. She is a graduate student at the University of Nebraska.

Investing in Rural Recovery

After a long wait, it finally appears that USDA is poised to roll out the Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program. It's a new program that will make grants to organizations that provide training, technical assistance or make small loans to new and existing rural small businesses with ten or fewer employees.

High School Graduation: the Bittersweet What Ifs

By Kathie Starkweather

It’s that time of year when people who live in small towns across the country celebrate and mourn at the same time. We celebrate our high school seniors reaching a milestone of adulthood as they graduate and move on to that next phase of their lives. We mourn the fact that we know with relative certainty that many are gone for good, with little chance of returning.

What if, instead of sending them off as we do now, we did things differently?

We could:

Garden Time!

For many gardeners in the Midwest, mid-May is the time to put plants in the ground. Not everyone has access to a plot of soil to grow their veggies or flowers. A community gardening project at the Center for Rural Affairs is helping more people grow gardens and making new connections within Sioux City.

Here is Wyatt Fraas explaining the project on KTIV:


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