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Transmission and Jobs: Connect the Dots

Modernizing our transmission grid represents a major potential source of job creation. By some estimates, transmission investment in the United States will range from $12 billion to $16 billion annually through 2030.

Every $1 billion of US transmission investment supports approximately 13,000 full-time years of employment. So over a 20-year period, 150,000 to 200,000 full-time years of employment could be created annually simply by updating and expanding our electric grid.

Over one-third of the jobs will be supported directly by domestic construction, engineering, and transmission component manufacturing activities. Approximately 125 operations and maintenance positions are created per $1 billion of transmission additions, in many cases providing employment throughout the life of the project.

End Discrimination against Rural Schools

The Formula Fairness Campaign, designed to end discrimination against rural and small schools, announced an important legislative achievement in July. The All Children are Equal (ACE) Act was introduced in the US House of Representatives by 11 original co-sponsors, led by Rep. Glenn Thompson (R-PA).


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