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Medicare, Medicaid and Rural America

As the president and Congress continue efforts to reduce the nation’s budget deficit, Medicaid and Medicare – the nation’s largest public health insurance programs – have large targets placed on them as major contributors to any deficit reduction plan.

Local Organizing Brings Local Food

A Farm to School workshop in Davenport, Nebraska, in August. Participants came from as far away as 150 miles. 

The interest in and demand for locally grown foods continues to grow. The increase in the number of farmers markets is a good indication of this escalating interest.

Nationally, farmers markets have more than doubled since 2000, from 2,863 to 6,132 in 2010. Over 100,000 farms now sell directly to local consumers. Most of the growth occurred because of interest and demand, which translates into improved local economies, according to a recent report by the Union of Concerned Scientists.

Examples of this are showing up in small towns across the Midwest. A recent survey of northeast Nebraska consumers indicated that 94 percent would shop locally if more locally produced foods were available; and 83 percent felt the availability of locally produced food was important or very important to their household.


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