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Reclaiming our Pioneer Heritage

By Paul Hosford, Albion, Nebraska (distributed with permission from the Omaha World Herald)
By reclaiming the best of our pioneer heritage, by applying past lessons to the future, we can, like the original pioneers, make rural areas prosper. These ideas are as applicable now as when I first wrote them in 2010 (Omaha World Herald, Midlands Voices: Re-pioneering important to revitalizing rural areas, February 1, 2010)… perhaps even more so.

Septic-Based Rural Development Restrictions Prompt Protest

Tim Wheeler of The Baltimore Sun reported on Tractorcade, a protest in front of the Statehouse in Annapolis. State-imposed restrictions on septic-based rural development prompted the protest.

The controversy arises over a law introduced by Gov. Martin O’Malley and passed last year despite objections from rural lawmakers. Wheeler says the law “restricts large-scale housing development that would rely on septic systems.

Rural Montana Hurt by Tax Holiday

Resource development, specifically the oil and gas exploration happening now in Eastern Montana, often causes a rapid influx of new people moving into rural communities. Large numbers of new residents can strain existing infrastructure - housing, education, law enforcement and public safety such as fire and emergency medical response. Current oil and gas exploration has also pushed our road and water infrastructure to the breaking point.


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