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Local View: Small business deserves boost

The Legislature is in full swing. In the coming weeks, Nebraska lawmakers are expected to resume debate on LB720, a bill to create a new batch of business tax incentives for large employers. Major tax incentives are the primary tool we use to attract bigger companies to the state.

Meanwhile, a much different conversation is taking place inside the Revenue Committee. That is where LB879, introduced by Sen. Suzanne Geist, is being debated. This bill, as written, eliminates the only true incentive available to small businesses in the state.

Nebraska Lawmakers Consider Speeding Up Rural Broadband Access

Nebraska lawmakers are scheduled to hear a bill next week designed to ramp up access to broadband internet in parts of the state still stuck at dial-up speeds.

Johnathan Hladik, policy director with the Center for Rural Affairs, said broadband is an economic-development tool for small businesses in rural communities - one of the state's key job creators. And it's becoming increasingly important for farmers.

Lack of broadband connection sparks a rural advocate

Civic engagement can be an enriching activity that helps everyone around us. You may have experienced this through calling your senator or testifying before a committee. You may also know that advocating for your beliefs can be difficult, even scary.

Mike Tabbert has mastered the art of advocacy; championing causes that matter to him.

After growing up in Orchard, Nebraska, Mike moved around. Most recently, he lived in the Houston, Texas, metropolitan area. Last year, Mike and his husband, Brian, moved back to Nebraska, and settled in rural Antelope County.


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