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Got Milk?

by Steph Larsen

As the consumer movement towards unprocessed, local and organic food grows, so do questions about how the food was produced. Perhaps none is more controversial than in the case of raw milk.

Raw milk is simply milk that has not been pasteurized to kill bacteria or homogenized so that the cream does not float to the top. The controversy is explained well in this news clip and features a farm that is only a few miles from the Center for Rural Affairs office:

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Investing in Rural Recovery

After a long wait, it finally appears that USDA is poised to roll out the Rural Microentrepreneur Assistance Program. It's a new program that will make grants to organizations that provide training, technical assistance or make small loans to new and existing rural small businesses with ten or fewer employees.

Postcard from the IRS?

Have you gotten your IRS postcard yet?

For many of us, April 15 marks the last day we have to think about taxes. If you're a small business owner, however, you may be hearing from the IRS sooner than you think.

Health reforms recently passed into law include tax credits to help some small businesses afford health insurance coverage for their employees, and the IRS wants you to know about it. So they're sending millions of postcards starting this week.

How Will Health Care Reform Help Me?

Editor's note: As we know more about how the new health care reform law will affect rural communities, we'll blog about it here.

Small Business Tax Credit to Purchase Health Insurance

Have you heard that the new health care law includes a tax credit for small business to help pay for health insurance coverage for their workers?

Small businesses are the heart of rural communities, and it's no secret that helping to develop entrepreneurs in small towns is a huge part of what the Center for Rural Affairs values.


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