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Jobs, Jobs, Jobs... Rebuilding Nebraska's Economy

Rural Nebraskans are their own best economic allies, creating jobs for themselves and often others in their communities through starting small businesses. Thanks to programs such as the Nebraska Microenterprise Development Act and the Center for Rural Affairs' REAP program as well as the Center's annual MarketPlace rural entrepreneurship conference, Nebraska's rural entrepreneurs are making a real difference, not only for themselves and their communities, but for Nebraska and the nation.

REAP Serves up 20 Years of Excellence

Over 700 loans totaling close to six million dollars have been distributed to entrepreneurs through the innovative REAP program, which began in 1990.

The Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP) was started by the Center for Rural Affairs in January 1990 and is celebrating a 20th anniversary this year. REAP is respected nationally as an outstanding microenterprise development program and is one of the largest rural microenterprise development programs in the US. REAP was the first microenterprise development program founded in Nebraska and set a tone for excellence in the state that continues today.

REAP Women’s Business Center: Nine Years Running Strong

The REAP Women’s Business Center (WBC) entered its ninth year of funding and its fourth year of sustainability funding in October 2009. To date, REAP business specialists have provided 1,973 hours of counseling to 340 clients and 111 trainings to 1,492 people. Sixty-four percent of those trained were women. Approximately 54 start-up businesses have received assistance.


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