Small Business News

Clean Energy Transmission Principles

We want your input on clean energy transmission. The need to expand our transmission capacity for wind energy means we have to answer challenging questions about location, cost and ownership. New transmission also presents an opportunity to involve farmers, landowners, and communities in the planning process.

Business Serves Skate Community

North Platte, Nebraska, is seeing more people on skateboards. Brandon Raby, who has skateboarded for nearly 20 years, knows a skate shop is an important part of skate culture. He launched Caravan Skate Shop in September of 2010.

Demand for REAP Services Escalates

The past year was tough for small business. Lenders, including banks and nonprofits, pulled back on lending. The Center for Rural Affairs is known for “stepping up to the plate” in times of crisis. Our Rural Enterprise Assistance Project is no exception, reaching record numbers of startup and existing rural entrepreneurs last year.


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