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“Distributed Workforce” Job Completes Puzzle for Entrepreneur

Like many talented, creative, technically-educated people in the 1990s, Bob Willis was drawn into the tech startup boom. After completing a degree in information systems at Arizona State University, Bob took a job with a software development startup and when, after six months, the company was purchased; he took a job with another startup and moved to Boulder, Colorado.

Hispanic Business Center: REAP Serves Growing Community

Photo of Maria Davila
Maria Davila, recipient of the REAP Hispanic Entrepreneur of the Year
According to the US census, Hispanic-owned businesses have increased by about 44% between 2002 and 2007, to 2.3 million businesses. That growth is more than twice the national rate of 18%.

Hispanic-owned businesses generated $345.2 billion in sales in 2007, up 56% compared with 2002. The number of Hispanic-owned businesses with receipts of $1 million or more increased 52%, from 29,168 businesses in 2002 to 44,206 businesses in 2007.

With buying power dramatically increased, companies and organizations have begun targeting Hispanic customers. If you are a small business owner and live in Nebraska, where the number of Hispanic individuals increased by 77% since 2000, you should be thinking about strategies to attract these new customers in 2012.

Women’s Business Center: Training Provided across Nebraska

REAP Women’s Business Center partnerships make low-cost training accessible to all.

Clients tell us that training and continuing education helps their businesses develop and grow. That’s why the REAP Women’s Business Center partners with others to offer classes across Nebraska.

Our popular hands-on QuickBooks training was held in the following locations, with the help of the organizations mentioned.


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