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Final Rules for Conservation Stewardship Program

Last month, USDA released the final rules and regulations for the Conservation Stewardship Program. The rule will guide the program roll out from this point forward. There are some clear victories and some disappointments too.

Hot Topics at Nebraska Grazing Conference

Mob grazing, or very high stock density, short-duration grazing, is one of the headline topics at this year’s Nebraska Grazing conference, with several farmers to share their experiences. This 10th annual conference will again be held at the Kearney Holiday Inn on August 10-11.

Out to Pasture

There is good news for farmers and ranchers wanting to participate in the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP). Thanks to the efforts of concerned farmers, the Center for Rural Affairs and National Sustainable Agriculture Coalition, farmers who convert their cropland to grazing land will receive higher payment rates than before.

A Reasonable Hope

Meatpackers have given huge volume-based premiums to the largest hog and cattle producers for decades, helping them drive smaller, family farm and ranch livestock producers out of business. USDA has been lackluster in holding packers accountable for this price discrimination and other "sweetheart deals" they provide to the largest livestock producers, despite such treatment being a clear violation of the Packers and Stockyards Act.


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