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Across the Nation

Maine: This March, residents of Sedgwick, Maine, voted unanimously to adopt an ordinance exempting direct farm sales from state and federal licensing and inspection.

Build a Legacy with Land Link

Inspired men and women who want to farm or ranch contact the Center for Rural Affairs daily. They come from different backgrounds and locations, each looking to enter agriculture. We also get inquires from landowners nearing retirement, looking for a way to continue the legacy of their farm or ranch and ensure their land is farmed in a sustainable, responsible way.

Corporate Farming Notes

The Andrew County (Missouri) Health Department passed an ordinance limiting where industrial livestock operations can locate. The proposed construction of a 10,000-head hog operation 1.5 miles from Savannah High School prompted the ordinance, which prohibits farms with more than 300 animals from locating within 5 miles of a community with a population of more than 100 people.

Fields of Opportunity

The steady growth of organic farming and ranching in Nebraska and the economic impacts of organics on rural communities cannot and should not be ignored. The USDA recently reiterated their commitment to organic production by announcing another $50 million in funding for the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP) Organic Initiative, which provides a 75% share of the cost of implementing organic conservation measures to those who qualify - 90% for beginning, limited-resource and socially-disadvantaged farmers and ranchers.


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