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Land of Milk and Uncle Honey

The Center for Rural Affairs welcomes syndicated agricultural columnist Alan Guebert and his daughter Mary Grace Foxwell to our corner of the world. The father/daughter duo will read from their recently released book The Land of Milk and Uncle Honey at several locations and dates across Iowa  and Nebraska starting this week.

Resources for a Woman-Owned Value Added Agriculture Project

I was asked what organizations would help with grants or loans to a woman-owned start up value added agriculture project. I found quite a few sources, including the national USDA Value Added Producer Grant program, accepting applications until July 7, 2015.

Iowa was the locale of interest. Supposing many of you have similar challenges, I hope these ideas will get you started, no matter where you live.

Wanted: Nebraska School Partners for New School Greenhouse Project

A few weeks ago we shared the exciting news that we received a grant from the Blooming Prairie Foundation. We call this our Greenhouse-Grown Organic Entrepreneurs project, and now we’re ready for the next step.

We’re looking for two Nebraska school partners. Starting in July/August 2015 through September 2016, we’ll help you be ready to provide school-grown fruits and vegetables to the school cafeteria.


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