RCK Creations & More Finds Business Success off the Beaten Path

Take on two new life adventures at the same time? Sure, why not! Connie and Roger Kirkpatrick were married on Friday July 3, 2009. On Monday, July 6, they signed the papers for a REAP loan to purchase equipment for their new business, RCK Creations & More.
Connie and Roger’s business began as a home-based operation in Alda, Nebraska. After purchasing the etching equipment and supplies, Roger spent 6 months becoming proficient with the new tools. RCK Creations & More was up and running!

Connie had already established herself as an expert seamstress. She had been sewing for years, doing alterations and special projects. In a good news/bad news scenario, the biggest business challenge they faced was spatial.

The good news was the steady growth in customers. After a while, space limitations had them bursting at the seams. The garage was devoted to sandblasting equipment and supplies. As Connie’s orders grew, so did the need for converting rooms in the house to storage, fitting rooms, and a sewing space. Eventually the couple lost every room in the house except their bedroom.

Roger and Connie knew they needed more space to let larger wedding parties spread out. They also wanted to highlight all the aspects of their business. For example, people who came for alterations didn’t know they did etching. Folks who wanted etching didn't know about alterations.

The process of getting a loan for the land and building was quite a task. Connie said, “We received a lot of help from our friends at REAP, especially on required forms and other information. Several people commented on how prepared we were. We were very blessed to have all that help.”

They purchased a large property in February 2014. Offering RV & Toy Storage seemed like a great fit since they are campers themselves. Their retail space, along with RV & Toy Storage, is located at 602 Saturn Street in Alda.

The building opened in June 2015. The new spot offers plenty of room inside and out for personalized creations. Large wedding parties have space to entertain and relax. The store is open more hours and by appointment too. Top selling products include rocks, flower pots, coffee mugs, and wine glasses. A large selection of cobblestones and flagstones are available as well. A new market is customized pet memorials.

Connie says, “We have surprised people with how busy we are, even though we are off the well traveled path.” Completion of landscaping and signage will bring in even more people. “We’re the tallest building and can be seen from Hwy 30 and the Alda Road when the corn is down,” remarked Connie.

Connie and Roger Kirkpatrick
RCK Creations & More
602 Saturn Street
Alda, NE 68810
RCK Creations and More: unique, personalized items done the way you want with all the work done in Nebraska.