Growing Healthy Food Systems

Food policy can be hard to navigate. It’s even harder to build better policy and make change. That is where food policy councils, and a special kickoff event, come in.

Food Policy Opportunities for Nebraska: Growing Healthy Food Systems is a public event in Lincoln, Nebraska, on August 18, 2015. The evening includes a keynote presentation from Mark Winne, nationally renowned food policy council expert, and a panel discussion with food system stakeholders.

In conjunction with the event, we have written a Growing Healthy Food Systems briefing paper. It lays the groundwork to get us thinking about the opportunities and challenges we face in developing food policy councils. The data is specific to Nebraska, but you can use the same sort of thinking to look at food policy councils in your locale.

Following the public meeting on the 18th, a smaller group of key stakeholders will begin actively working towards creating Nebraska state and local food policy councils. As we move forward, we look to answer these questions:

  • What are our challenges and opportunities to create a food system that works better for all of us?
  • How do food policy councils function in other states and local areas?
  • What are the potential approaches to food policy work in Nebraska?

Good food policy and effective coordination between our food system’s stakeholders will produce strong farms, a resilient food economy, and a healthy future for all Nebraskans. The work ahead of us will continue to expand and build upon those answers, moving towards change.

Together, we can build a better food system.

Thanks to guest writer Amy Radding for this post. Amy is currently working as a grant writer for the Center for Rural Affairs. She was our Rural Community Foods Systems Specialist and Sioux Chef previous to this gig. You can reach Amy at