Red Road Herbs Pairs Herbs and Nature for Better Health

Turning off the county road, you know exactly where you are. First you spot the signs. Then your eyes light on the herb garden. You have arrived at Red Road Herbs, east of Stanton, Nebraska.

The next pleasure is meeting Rachel Liester. You realize immediately this business is also Rachel’s passion. She loves teaching others how to use plants in everyday life for better health.

The farm includes 5 acres of herbs, an herbal garden sanctuary, campground, workshop, conference building, and a butterfly and pollinator trail. The Liesters grow and market herbs and herbal products. In addition to marketing fresh and dried herbs, Red Road Herbs makes 7-8 products and markets them at retail sites in 3 states. As the business continues to grow, Rachel is placing greater emphasis on expanding online marketing.

This is a family business. About 5 years ago Rachel’s daughter Jasmine joined, adding her expertise with social media. Husband and father Michael is another essential partner. He provides major assistance to maintain, repair and insure equipment is functioning properly.

Red Road Herbs began using REAP financing in 2010/2011 to boost marketing efforts and develop new products. Rachel is a willing presenter for us at conferences, and recently participated in a Women Caring for the Land Workshop sponsored by the Center for Rural Affairs.

Rachel’s greatest joy is education, the main emphasis of the business. She loves connecting people and plants, explaining natural medicine and that nature is medicine. Building and increasing the number of retreats will be a major component as the business moves forward, especially working with youth.

You’ll find lots of seasonal opportunities to attend a festival or educational class to learn more about herbs, herb products, and their uses. If you’re traveling on Hwy 275 during July, August, September, and October, see if the Country Market is open at the former Pilger rest stop. If so, be sure to stop in and check out Red Road Herbs products at their stand.

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