Technical Assistance a Hallmark for REAP–Thousands Receive Help

Since inception in 1990, REAP has been known as a lending program that also gives stellar technical assistance/counseling to our clients. We offer the service to startup and existing small businesses at the business site, over the phone, and via email.

More often than you might think, a REAP client will need multiple lending sources to finance their business opportunity. These business planning services are part of our Technical Assistance, and they often lead to leveraged lending.

We work with the client to complete their REAP small business plan. Based on that plan, they are able to successfully secure a loan from a traditional lender, development district, community action agency, or a local loan fund.

REAP staff have also helped in “packaging” loans that include other lenders in addition to our own loan fund. Since 1999, we have “leveraged” loans totaling over 19 million dollars.

Well over 10,000 entrepreneurs have received REAP technical assistance services since the program began. From 2012-2014, we provided technical assistance services to 1,664 entrepreneurs. If you need technical assistance services for your startup or existing business or know of someone that could use this service, contact REAP!

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