Awesome Farm Tour of Clear Creek Organics Coming in August

In America, too many of our children don’t know where food comes from. You might think, yeah, but that’s an urban thing. Well think again.

Three years ago, a Nebraska school studied the food knowledge of kindergarten through third graders. They discovered many students had no concept of where food originated beyond grocery store shelves. They didn’t know what bread was made of or that milk comes from a cow before the carton. But that's about to change!

What: Clear Creek Organics farm tour and celebration (dinner and dancing!)
When: August 8, 2015 beginning at 4:30pm
Where: 82228 499th Ave, Spalding, NE 68665
Who: Free! and open to the public. Great opportunity for other farmers, food service workers, kids, and you

Clear Creek Organic Farms in Spalding, Nebraska, is providing a fun-filled, informative opportunity for families, school food service and staff, farmers, and interested consumers to see firsthand their fields, facilities, and fresh food grown on the farm. Join Robert and Kristine Bernt and their 12 children to walk through 12 acres of gardens and 6,000 feet of greenhouses/high tunnels.

You’ll learn about soil health, harvest practices, farm food safety, and Good Agricultural Practices (GAPs) used on the farm. You can tour their dairy processing facility, meat processing facility (under construction), and certified kitchen.

The Brent’s know a lot about state regulations and guidelines, and they will share that knowledge. You’ll also get to visit with their pigs, dairy and meat cows, chickens, and goats.

At the end of the tours, you will eat well! Fresh from the farm, a hog roast and dinner will be provided. Simply show up and enjoy the gifts of this farm family.

After dinner, folks are welcome to stay for a dance and to camp on the grounds in tents or campers (no electrical hookups, but bathrooms are available). RSVP’s are appreciated, but not required. Send them to

Directions to Clear Creek Organic Farms, 82228 499th Ave, Spalding, NE 68665: From Spalding, take US-281/NE-91 west for two miles, then head north on 499th Ave. When you see greenhouses on the west side of the road, you’ll know you’ve arrived!

Feature image: Life looks pretty good for these guys at Clear Creek Organic Farms in Salding, Nebraska. Photo courtesy of the farm's facebook photo stream (highly recommended!).