6 Reasons I’m Excited about the Good Living Tour

The Good Living Tour, produced by Hear Nebraska, is a first-of-its-kind, FREE, family friendly tour across Greater Nebraska. Each show features three diverse, original bands. It’s also a community storytelling project to help attract and retain young people.

I wish the Good Living Tour existed when I was still lived in my hometown of Peru, NE. Back then I often made the 90 minute trek to Omaha or Lincoln to hear bands or experience some culture (at least what my teenaged self described as “culture”).

Growing up, I really didn’t see what my hometown had to offer. I figured I’d need to move to a city to make a good life. No one was highlighting the opportunities found in small towns, at least as far as I could see.

Part of what makes this tour so special is that it’s highlighting opportunities in each town. Young professionals and artists will be featured in a video, speaking about what makes each unique location a great place to make a life.

Now, my work is purely rural focused. I have a great job in a town of under 1,000 residents. I relish stories of small-town entrepreneurship.

I get nerdish-ly excited to visit communities I’ve never visited before. Hearing people talk about why they love living in their small towns inspires me.

That’s the main reason I’m so excited for the Good Living Tour. Here are a few more:

  • It’s a welcome chance to get on the road to meet more of you - supporters of small-town culture. Be sure to bring your friends!
  • I'll discover more about what your town has to offer and how the Center can play a role.
  • You can also shop for really neat t-shirts, hats, mugs, even nail clippers - all hip merchandise from our new store.
  • We'll hear great and eclectic music in a fun, family-friendly environment.
  • Plus, you'll the chance to win a free, five-day fishing trip in Michigan, courtesy of powderhook.com!

Sign-in now to get a sampling of the music you’ll hear when the Good Living Tour stops by, and get signed up for that fishing trip!

At the Center, we’re so happy that Hear Nebraska invited us to be a part of this small-town celebration. And we’re still looking for volunteers! Email me, emileep@cfra.org, to get the details.