Be Smart: Technology Is the Key

On February 25, I conducted a workshop via Skype from Durham, North Carolina, to a crowd at the College Center in South Sioux City. The session was titled "Incorporating Technology in Your Business."

How much do you know about technology? You can test your knowledge through a number of online quizzes. It turns out, the most knowledgeable are teenagers from 14 to 15 years old. They scored up to 113 points, exceeding the average of 100. Even more surprising, a 6 year old knows as much about technology as some people who are 45!

Hispanics or Latinos usually spend around 29 minutes in social media daily. This compares to 19 minutes for non-Hispanics and 21 minutes for African-Americans. Today, one in six Americans is Latino. Companies will spend more to advertise on social media in the next few years than in newspapers, television, or radio.

On average we spend 4.4 hours of leisure time everyday in front of screens (smartphones, laptops, tablets, and television). About 6.5 billion people around the world subscribe to mobile devices. These predominate the market, with about 93% of penetration. Compare that to 35% for the internet, and 26% for social media.

For this reason, REAP Hispanic Business Center staff spend many hours introducing Latinos to technology. In the closing months of 2014 (Oct to Dec), we trained and/or counseled 463 people. Training took place in Schuyler, Columbus, and Lexington, Nebraska on technology and on Business Plan Basics. We also made five loans totaling $85,000, and leveraged two loans totaling $92,218.

We are at work on a number of items including new products, new training, and the ability to reach more of you. Stay tuned – we’ll have great news by the end of the year.