The Best Reason for Nebraska's Medicaid Redesign: The Math Adds Up

Here in Nebraska lawmakers are deciding about the lives of 77,000 Nebraskans. The Medicaid Redesign Act, or LB 472, would provide health insurance coverage through the state’s Medicaid program to those in the coverage gap. People crash into the gap when they make too much income to qualify for traditional Medicaid coverage but not enough to qualify for premium assistance tax credits through the health insurance marketplace, and they lack access to employer-provided insurance.

The health and well-being of 77,000 Nebraskans is a pretty compelling reason to support the Medicaid Redesign Act, or LB 472. You might be wondering, however, "Is this whole Medicaid Redesign Act a fiscally smart move for the great state of Nebraska?" The answer is a resounding, YES. I've outlined a few reasons why below.

Nebraska families will save money with the Medicaid Redesign Act, or LB 472. The savings will be over $600 for each Nebraska family with private insurance. This savings will be because the Mediciad Redesign Act will reduce uncompensated care costs.

Nebraska's business community will save, and they'll save big. Over $13.1 million will be saved by Nebraska businesses by avoiding ACA responsibility savings.

The Medciad Redesign Act will pay for itself!

What can you do!? Contact your state senator and in a loud, clear voice say: Yes on LB 472!

Click here to find your Nebraska State Senator.

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