Performing Jobs of Amazing Dedication

The Center's small business development program is celebrating 25 years of helping entrepreneurs. Gene and Chris Trauernicht were part the Lancaster Entrepreneur Assistance Resource Network (LEARN), a group that met in Hickman, Nebraska. It's a pleasure (and honor) to serve entreprenuers like them and to share their words. 

The Nebraska Rural Enterprise Assistance Project (REAP), part of the Center For Rural Affairs, is something that all Nebraskans can be proud of. Set into place 25 years ago, they have given so many people with small businesses the tools and knowledge to be self sustaining.

REAP helps with training, affordable and considerate lending practices that helped our equipment repair business to support our family and enabled us to help keep our rural community alive. Being a rural business helped one of us to be available at all times for the local fire department as well, saving lives.

We congratulate the group, especially Monica Braun and Jeff Reynolds, for the impact that group has had on not only our family and business, but that of others. They are family to us, taught us great things (that we did not always know to ask), encouraged our sense of self value, and helped us to support our family and community.

We offer our sincere gratitude to everyone on staff. The jobs they do are that of amazing dedication. Here's hoping we all get another 25 years of the professional, caring, support, and training that we have been so fortunate to have in the past.

Congratulations, Nebraska. This group is one of the great things about our state.