Rural Rockstar: Jerry Peckumn Honored for His Advocacy and Citizenship

Jerry Peckum, who farms near Jefferson, Iowa, is the recipient of the Center for Rural Affairs Citizenship Award. The award goes to someone who actively participates in the democratic process for creating public policy, and who works closely with us to advance public policies that strengthen family farms, ranches, and rural communities.

“It’s an honor to be chosen for the Center for Rural Affairs Citizenship Award,” remarked Jerry. “Policy is really important. It’s what drives everything in agriculture. Being an advocate for policy that prioritizes conservation and climate action is a commitment I take seriously, and challenge others to take part in. It is a pleasure to work with an organization that works for policy that is beneficial to rural America and rural Americans.”

Jerry uses many conservation techniques to protect his soils and water resources on his farm. He is also deeply committed to rural community life through his involvement in real estate, agricultural banking, and farm business consulting. Jerry has not only been an advocate on agricultural policy issues, but also on the climate and energy policy front.

He served as a panelist for a climate forum in Grinnell, Iowa, and has taken part in a focus group aimed at establishing recommendations for communications around climate and energy issues in rural communities. He is very active on the conservation front, and is looking to be involved in projects to help producers become more resilient to climate change.

Jerry has been an incredible advocate for federal conservation programs and structure of agriculture issues. He has attended many DC fly-ins to help advocate for effective federal agriculture and conservation policy. Jerry also serves as chair of Iowa Rivers Revival, working to increase state funding of river restoration programs.

A caring commitment to rural America and going the extra mile to advocate for rural people is what defines our Citizenship Award. Jerry has been a tremendous advocate for rural Iowa and for those that call rural Iowa home.

He has stepped beyond his farming operation to advocate for rural people and for rural communities through public policy. Jerry continues to step up to the plate to engage farmers, ranchers, and rural communities on climate and energy issues that are so critical today. Rural America depends on citizens like Jerry Peckumn to do what they can to make rural communities stronger. That is our mission, and we are proud to honor all he has done, and continues to do.