Apply today: Conference scholarships for humane livestock producers!

We heard this week from Lisa Isenhart of Food Animal Concerns Trust (FACT). She told us about their conference scholarship program for humane livestock and poultry producers. FACT will award scholarships for livestock and poultry farmers to attend select sustainable agriculture or humane farming conferences as funding allows in 2015.

Conferences are a great way for farmers to share resources and knowledge with one another. As of January 8, 2015 limited funding is still available. Inquire at for additional information. Only a limited number of scholarships will be available in 2015 to cover registration expenses. Five specific conferences are covered and listed:

  1. EcoFarm Conference, Pacific Grove, CA – January 21-25, 2015
  2. PASA Farming for the Future Conference, State College, PA – February 4-7, 2015
  3. OEFFA Annual Conference, Granville, OH – February 14-15, 2015
  4. MOSES Organic Farming Conference, La Crosse, WI – February 26-28, 2015
  5. Southeastern Sustainable Livestock Conference, Atlanta, GA – March 28, 2015

Scholarships will be granted to eligible applicants on a first come, first served basis. Funding is limited, so apply today!

Top photo by Katie Brady, Flickr.