Macy Christmas Bazaar: A Joyful Success for All

On Dec 13, the Center for Rural Affairs and the Nebraska Indian Community College partnered with residents of Macy, Nebraska, and the surrounding area to present the 1st Macy Christmas Bazaar. Over 20 vendors and 150 customers from surrounding villages and the Greater Omaha area came to sell and shop locally.

Walking into the Bazaar, your senses are immediately hit with colorful Native American patterns, smells of fresh made tamales, and festive holiday excitement. This was not only an opportunity to shop local, but also for family members and neighbors to come together to share this unique holiday experience and enjoy the fruits of their labors.

Talented local artists, quilt makers, market gardeners, and craftspersons came together to provide unique holiday gifts. Customers had an opportunity to buy something for everyone in their family: hand-made Native American bead work and jewelry, traditional Star Quilts, homemade baked goods and canned jams, pickles and fruit’s from this year’s harvest. Fresh chef salads were sold, demonstrating what could be grown and sold at a local market.

The Christmas Bazaar is an extension of the Macy Gardens and Farmers Market Project- a project which teaches gardeners how to grow, preserve, and sell at a local market. An outcome of this year’s project was the newly launched Macy Farmers Market. Look for our announcement for the Macy Farmers Market in June 2015 right off Hwy 75. Come support beginning farmers and talented Native American artists all summer long.