Thank You for Acting on Climate!

It’s the time of year to give thanks, celebrate what really matters, and make plans for 2015. That means now is the perfect time for us to thank you for helping show the nation rural communities are ready to take action to address climate change.

As you shared your stories, we found countless reasons why taking action is important to you. Some are concerned for the future of agriculture. Others see climate action as an opportunity to boost the clean energy economy in their state. Most importantly, many of you agreed with Fred Christensen, of Lyons, Nebraska, who believes climate action is something to take seriously “for all, but especially for my granddaughters.”

December 1st was the deadline to express your support for the Clean Power Plan proposal. It aims to reduce emissions from the largest source of carbon pollution in the US – our nation’s coal-fired power plants. We submitted comments from nearly 1100 of you, Yours were among over 8 million filed in support. Your messages not only applaud the goals of the Clean Power Plan, but provide valuable feedback on what needs to be strengthened in the proposal before it becomes a final rule in June 2015.

The Clean Power Plan proposal is just one step, and there will need to be more to ensure the health and vitality of rural communities in the face of climate change. Jason Finley of Rutland, Vermont, noted that “sustainability is about more than just the environment, it is about sustainable local economies and sustainable rural communities.” Renewable energy and energy efficiency are tools that states can use to significantly reduce carbon emissions while greatly benefiting rural Americans. 

Our sincere thanks to you for being part of this effort!