Top Four Things You Do for the Center

Editor's note: If you are interested in making a contribution to the Center for Rural Affairs or Granary Foundation, or have any questions, contact Nick Bergin, Development Director, at 402.687.2100 ext. 1035 or

Here at the Center for Rural Affairs, we talk to you a lot about what we do. And, with your help, we do some pretty great things. But it’s time to change the subject. Let’s talk instead about the great things you do.

As Center supporters, you are the driving force behind all of our work. Because of this you play some very important roles. Without further ado, here is a list of the top four, in order of importance.

4. You fund essential areas of our work. Much of what we do is funded by grants, but individual donations keep the doors open. In the last year, your individual contributions totaled more than $135,000. Those dollars were used as matching funds for grants that require them. They help fund new exploratory work. Perhaps most importantly, they were put to work on the state and local level where funding is much harder to come by. That work is what most directly affects you.

3. You decide what areas we work in. It’s true! Here in rural America we have lots of opportunities and lots of things we could improve. How do we decide which ones to focus on? The answer is simple. We listen to you. Every action and point of contact you have with a Center staff or board member impacts our view of rural America. Whether you offer a like on a Facebook post; a donation in support of an issue; or a phone call to voice your support, concerns, and reasons for optimism, you’re telling us what is important to you. That’s how we decide where we work.

2. You are our best recruiters. The Center for Rural Affairs couldn’t exist without a strong and loyal base of supporters like you. We work hard to add new folks, but we can’t be everywhere. For those who don’t know us yet, you are the face of our organization. When you share your belief in the mission, our mutual hopes and dreams for rural America, and the reasons they should join our cause, you become our best ambassadors.

And finally, the most important thing you do for the Center for Rural Affairs.

1. You provide us hope for the future and motivation for today. As we work hard to improve rural America, it’s easy to get mired in the heaviness of the battles we fight. That’s why we need you. Every day you remind us what we are fighting for. With every kind word of thanks, every time we help one of you to a new level of success, and every time you stand with us in the face of injustice, you revitalize our resolve to bring positive change to rural America.

On behalf of the Center for Rural Affairs board, staff, other constituents, and of course, rural Americans everywhere, thank you for all you do. As you see, we could not do the great work we do without the most important part of our organization – You.