Nine Reasons You Make Us Rock!

I’m Emilee Pease, Executive and Development Assistant here at the Center for Rural Affairs, and newest addition to the Center team. So far, my favorite part about working at the Center is my interactions with supporters like you. Every day I look forward to working with you to help make a difference in rural America.

Your thoughts and words inspire us. Every interaction, positive or negative, is discussed. You make the Center for Rural Affairs a driving force in creating a stronger rural America. Forty years of working for the future of small towns says something. You’ve done that.

Look at why you’ve made us rock!

At the Center for Rural Affairs, we:

  1. Help veterans transition into beginning farmers. 
  2. Advocate for fair farm policies that benefit family farms over corporations.
  3. Build main street businesses instead of Wall Street greed.
  4. Encourage conservation and sustainable farming practices.
  5. Help entrepreneurs, farmers, and ranchers achieve their dreams.
  6. Fight for clean energy.
  7. Recognize climate change is an issue, and we’re doing something about it.
  8. Believe people from all walks of life should feel welcome in their town.
  9. Link farmers and students with local produce that fuels their brains and bodies.

These past few weeks I’ve spoken with people from Arkansas to California. They’ve joined us to help create a strong and viable nation that believes everything we do is important. Our work is focused on people like you: people who want to live well and make a difference in rural America.

Our platform is simple, yet powerful: help build thriving rural communities. Your geographic location shouldn’t determine your opportunities for success.

Please take a stand with me today. Make a donation to help further our impact on small towns and all rural people. We need you.