New Art Exhibit to Explore Rural Past and Future

Access to art, and even art relating to the rural experience, often seems locked way in a far off "important" place. The Bone Creek Museum of Agrarian Art, however, places art right in the heart of rural David City, Nebraska (population 2,906) as the only museum in North America devoted exclusively to agrarian art.

The museum was established in 2007 with the idea that all heritage, including small-town rural America, deserves great art. I was excited to learn about their new exhibit coming in May 2015 entitled, "Ballad of the Farm: Then, Now, Tomorrow." The exhibit places rural people at the center of a multi-artist crowd-sourced art project that asks you to participate. It will meld our farming past with our farming future.

To accomplish this, Museum Director Carol Kobza seeks historic farm photos from people, communities, and organizations from across the United States. A selection of these crowd-sourced historic farm photographs will then be used by contemporary artists to create completely new artwork inspired by the photographs.

You can join this exciting project by sharing your historic farm photographs 1900 to mid-1900s by October 15. To have your photographs considered for the exhibition, send a scanned image, a photocopy of the image, or a simple photograph taken of the original image to Bone Creek Museum at, regular mail, or by dropping by the museum at 575 E Street in David City, NE 68632. Click here for more details.

Artists wanting the chance to participate can apply by October 15. For details visit