Rooted in Place, Speaking Nationally

Just this week, I heard from people in New Jersey and England. Both wrote to say the values of the Center connected with them.

The writer from New Jersey asked a question. “Your work appears to be applicable to rural communities in any state, but the discussion on your website often seems to focus on the midwest and central plains. Are the challenges faced by rural communities in other regions on your radar screen?”

The answer is yes.

Whether it’s corn and beans or forests and fisheries that dominate your landscape, whether you are on the coast or in the mountains, there are underlying commonalities that link us together.

It is true that we talk often about the Midwest and Plains. That is where we are rooted. Our home office is in a small town of 851 people in northeast Nebraska. Our place informs our work – often deeply.

From this place, we seek to connect with the challenges and opportunities that you – rural people all across the country – face. We have found more similarities than differences as we travel from coast to coast.

To broaden our perspective, Center staff traveled to more than 25 states in the last 12 months. We attended community meetings and visited folks like you. In recent years we also expanded our staff footprint, adding staff in the Intermountain West.

Together, if you are a donor or supporter of the Center, you join one of the thousands of people representing all 50 states who invest in our work. It is also your collective power that advances the values of the Center with policymakers in Washington.

Our work with small businesses, communities, and family farmers happens closer to home. If you live beyond the Midwest, and beyond the reach of that work, we hope you find the stories we tell inspiring and informative.

We enjoy hearing from people all over the country too. If you need advice on a local challenge, or are looking to connect with other groups like the Center near where you live, get in touch.

In sum, from our home base here on the Plains, we endeavor to tell stories and speak truths that have relevance to all rural people. We know that it is a truth that connects with you – people on the coast of Washington, the mountains of Tennessee, the highrises of New York, and the halls of Washington.

Our team is team rural. No matter where you live, there is a spot for you on the team.

We all have a stake in creating a promising rural future.