Investing in Conservation Protects our Land and Water

The Conservation Stewardship Program rewards farmers and ranchers who protect our soil, water, and wildlife, providing benefits that extend beyond their farm or ranch gate.

The House Appropriations Committee will be voting on the Fiscal Year 2015 Appropriations bill this week that proposes cutting more than 1 million acres from the Conservation Stewardship Program, a reduction of $109 million in funding.

At a time when more farmers and ranchers need tools and resources to help them protect our land and water, we should be investing more in conservation, not less.

Slashing investments in conservation is like cutting off our nose to spite our face. When we invest in conservation up front, by supporting farmers and ranchers for how they work the land, it is far more effective and it costs much less than cleaning up polluted lakes, streams, and rivers later.

Nebraska leads the nation with the program supporting conservation efforts on over five million acres, investing more than $50 million to protect our land and water.

Call Representative Fortenberry and tell him you want to ensure Nebraska’s family farmers and ranchers, the stewards of our great state, have the tools and resources they need to help them protect our land and water. Investing in conservation now will help protect family farmers and ranchers, who are a vital part of our Nebraska legacy, for generations to come.