Milo Alexander Named REAP Friend of the Year

Milo Alexander retired in July of 2013 from Creighton School of Law’s Community Economic Development Clinic. At Creighton, he directed the school’s program to assist micro businesses and nonprofits in rural areas across Nebraska and western Iowa.

He also taught and supervised up to eight senior-certified law students each semester. Each year, he conducted community education workshops providing small business education regarding the differences between legal entities, the use of contract labor, etc.

For most of his career Milo was a lawyer with the Legal Aid Society and its successor Legal Aid of Nebraska. He represented low-income people in cases involving threats to housing, food, health care, income, and family.

Milo has given presentations in 21 rural towns in partnership with the REAP Women’s Business Center. Over 250 people attended. Not only did the participants learn what they came to learn and then some, but they had a deep appreciation that he traveled to their community.

Feature image: Milo Alexander receives the REAP Friend of the Year Award from Dena Beck, REAP Senior Project Leader and Loan Specialist. | Photo by Wyatt Fraas