Women Farmers and Aspiring Farmers, Let's Talk

Some of the most inspiring people I've met while working at the Center for Rural Affairs are women farmers and ranchers. They are an amazing and supportive group, willing to offer advice and help each other out.

That's why the Center for Rural Affairs is working with the Women Food and Agriculture Network (WFAN) to create learning opportunities for women who want to gain hands on experience or advice from established and successful women farmers and ranchers. Learning opportunities for women who are looking to get their hands dirty and learn the real nitty-gritty of farming and ranching are often limited and we need both established women farmers and those just getting started to make this program work.

We have opportunities for Aspiring Women Farmers who can participate in on-farm mentorships, working closely with successful women farmers to learn the ropes. Beginning Women Farmers can learn from off-farm mentorships while they work at their own farms. Experienced Women Farmers can serve as on and off farm mentors for our aspiring and beginning women farmers.

Several of those opportunities are soon approaching. A Farm Business Financing workshop on May 10 in Nebraska City, NE will help women farmers and ranchers design a business plan and access financing for their agricultural operations.

Later in June, Ashland and Milford will host additional workshops on selling at farmers markets and through a CSA.

Women in agriculture, call us and get involved!

For additional information about all available mentorship opportunities, contact Virginia Meyer virginiam@cfra.org402.687-2103 ext. 1014 or visit http://www.cfra.org/women_farmers.