New Generations Legacy

The Center for Rural Affairs is working on an exciting new project to help get more beginning farmers and ranchers on the land.

Managed by our Granary Foundation, the New Generations Legacy program will receive agricultural land from interested donors. The land will then be rented to qualified beginners. As beginners become established, they will have the option to buy the land. All beginners will be qualified based on financial need, reasonable acreage limitations, and an agreement to practice sustainable agricultural practices.

The program will offer attractive rental agreements and long-term sale contracts to enable beginning farmers and ranchers to get established.

A portion of the revenue generated through rentals and sales of land will be reinvested in the New Generations Legacy effort. Revenue over and above what is needed to operate the program and provide continued access to land for beginners will be invested in the overall work of the Center to create vibrant rural communities.

Nationwide Program, Local Focus
With lands acquired through New Generations Legacy, the Center for Rural Affairs will strive to assist qualified beginning farmers and ranchers who live near the gifted acreages.

This will enable donors to the program to assist local beginners who aspire to a career in sustainable agriculture. Donors will thus be offered an opportunity to make a gift that is an investment in their local community and an investment in the future of the Center for Rural Affairs.

New Generations Legacy is a nationwide program. No organization is better positioned to successfully implement this vision across rural America. The Center has the organizational capacity and the broad-based constituency and contacts to deliver a successful, enduring program of favorable land access to beginning farmers and ranchers for generations to come.

Will you join the effort to provide favorable land access to beginning farmers and ranchers? For more information, please contact me, Hank Rohling, at 402.687.2103 ext 1009 or