Women Farmers and Ranchers Lend a Hand

Some days my phone is ringing off the hook with people calling and telling me they want to get involved in agriculture. The newbies almost always want to know how they can start their own farm or ranch. I dispense the same advice every time: get some experience.

Learning opportunities for women who are looking to get their hands dirty and learn the real nitty-gritty of farming and ranching are often limited. That’s why we at the Center are working with the Women Food and Agriculture Network in Iowa to create learning opportunities for women to gain hands-on experience or advice from established and successful women farmers.

We have opportunities for:
• Aspiring Women Farmers to participate in on-farm mentorships and work closely with successful women farmers to learn the ropes.
• Beginning Women Farmers to learn from off-farm mentorships while you work on your own farms.
• Experienced Women Farmers to serve as on- and off-farm mentors for our aspiring and beginning women farmers.

You can learn more about our work with women farmers and ranchers here. Women in agriculture, please contact us! Email me at virginiam@cfra.org, call 402.687.2103 ext. 1014.